About Us

Established in 1981, We are famous as one of few Authorized maker of top-quality "Sympatex® " brand similar to "Goretex® " weatherproof garment. Group listed in China Stock Exchange Market, Supplying weatherproof garment, outdoor garment to INTER SPORT, TRESPASS, FALABELLA, McKinley, OKAMOTO, QUELLE-KARSTAFT, REGATTA, HELLY HASEN. Most of our output is delivered to OEMS and ODMS in Japan and the Europe (50%), US(25%), and Australia, New Zealand, South America (25%). Especially keen in weatherproof seamless, laser cut rainwear, softshell outdoor wear, outdoor rainwear for golf, trekking, sailing etc., ski wear, windbreaker, mountain outdoor wear. Backpack, wallet, dry bag, mountain backpack, safety shoes, mountain shoes, pets garments, fishing gear, cycling jacket etc.



  • Work Clothes Work Clothes

    Work clothes are specially made for work needs. According to the requirements of customers, combined with professional characteristics, team culture, age structure, body characteristics, wearing habits, etc.

  • Workwear Value Workwear Value

    Wearing uniforms enhances employees' sense of belonging to the company and the sense of identity among employees, thereby enhancing the cohesion between the company and the team and the interaction between employees and employees.

  • The Basic Role Of The Company Uniform Uniform The Basic Role Of The Company Uniform Uniform

    The classification method of overalls has many different classification methods because of its different points of view, but no matter which perspective, the purpose of classification, or the design.